Touchless Water Coolers | Event Hydration Solutions

In the age of Covid and beyond, we as a society have been forced to become more conscience of things that we touch. Spreading germs is a real concern. Outdoor events across the board were shut down or severally limited on participants. Indoor environments have been forced to sterilize all surfaces. We at WaterMonster are trying to play a role in helping outdoor events get back to business. Specializing in hydrating large outdoor events, we have come up with a high flow, touch free water spigot called the UltraSpout.  This new water dispenser is designed to replace the common push button spigot found on most all common water coolers.  WaterMonster now offers a solution to turn your common 3,5 or 10 gallon water cooler, into a touchless water cooler. Not only does WaterMonster have the UltraSpout, but we also have a foot pedal to complete the touchless water cooler experience. With millions of common coolers (Igloo, Coleman, Poweraid, etc.) on the market, WaterMonster has made it easy to help people hydrate in a more safe manner.  With all the sanitation rules in place for businesses to be compliant, offering touchless water coolers to your customers is a step in the right direction. 

WaterMonster continues to be an innovator with outdoor hydration solutions. Our 125 gallon WaterMonster tank offers 6 refill outs.  When outfitted with the UltraSpouts and Foot pedals, you now have a super sized touchless water cooler that is equivalent to 1,000 single use water bottles.  The great thing about the WaterMonster tank and stand system is it’s lightweight and stackable when you are not using it. You can store up to five tanks and stands in the same footprint as a common wooden pallet. This is a huge competitive advantage over other water tanks.  Whether your needs are small or large, WaterMonster offers a touchless water cooler solution for your next outdoor event.