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Emergency Management & Relief Missions

Put the WaterMonster on standby for your next emergency!
Your First Response Mobile Water Distribution System

Be ready when disaster strikes with The WaterMonster. Include our water dispensing tanks in your first responder hydration plan for quicker response times to emergencies. Be empowered during the first 48-72 hours of a crisis with the convenience of The WaterMonster:

In times of crisis, first responders require fast and efficient portable water stations.  Traditional emergency drinking water suppliers may not be fast enough during those critical hours. With The WaterMonster refillable water tank, our first response water delivery system can help your emergency team deploy water within minutes. Let The WaterMonster help distribute your disaster relief water supply. Water logistics are made easy with WaterMonster tanks. 

 Rapid Deployment

With WaterMonster, emergency managers and staff can add a powerful tool to their management arsenal. Our portable water tank systems deploy quickly without heavy equipment, and can be moved and set up by 1-2 people in a matter of minutes. The WaterMonster is refillable water station that just works.  

Maximum Flexibility  

We’ve thoughtfully built WaterMonster for maximum flexibility and utility to emergency managers when it comes to delivering clean water quickly. Our patented WaterMonster tank and dispenser systems can be configured to your specific need in the moment, adapting to a variety of situations. As a natural gathering point, our refillable tanks are also the perfect place to disseminate information during an emergency. The WaterMonster system is scalable, flexible, and modular. 

 Low Overhead

At WaterMonster, we understand keeping costs in check, and gallon for gallon, nothing beats a WaterMonster for water distribution. Our affordable, food-grade systems also require minimum of maintenance, and can be refilled from any potable water source. WaterMonster not only saves on costs, but our compact and stackable systems save valuable warehouse and staging space for other needed supplies.


 Less Trash. More Water. 

Traditional water bottles generate mountains of waste, take up valuable storage space, and can be physically taxing on your staff. WaterMonster is the sustainable solution for hydration, replacing over 1000 water bottles every time it’s filled. WaterMonster helps reduce the stream of trash and debris at a relief site.

Grant Assistance

Government grants are available to help fund emergency management equipment and water distribution systems for first response agencies, municipalities, counties and rural communities. 

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