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Ready for the Field, the Course, the Track, and more. 
WaterMonsters are an athlete's best friend. 

The WaterMonster is perfect for all levels of athletic competition, from pee-wee to the Major Leagues. Over the years, our outdoor water dispenser solution has kept tens of thousands of players safely hydrated in all seasons and at all levels. The WaterMonster replaces 25 conventional water coolers, meaning less hauling, less storage space, and a lifetime of easier maintenance week after week. And long lines at the cooler during breaks are over-  our refillable outdoor water stations serve six at a time. 

We can also outfit your WaterMonster with any colors and logos you desire, offering you the perfect billboard for your team. You can even put sponsorship logos on the WaterMonster quickly and easily. 

 Less Trash. More Water. 

Traditional water bottles generate mountains of waste, take up valuable storage space, and can be physically taxing on your staff. WaterMonster is the sustainable solution for hydration, replacing over 1000 water bottles every time you outdoor water station is filled.

A Flexible System 

We’ve thoughtfully built WaterMonster refillable water stations for maximum flexibility and utility for users across all areas of athletics. Football. Baseball. Soccer. Softball. Track and Field. Any sport or all-sport, we have you covered. Our patented WaterMonster systems can be configured to simultaneously distribute water to eight people at a time per unit, when properly equipped with our Octopus kit. As a natural gathering point, our tanks are also the perfect place to disseminate information, scores, and sponsor logos.

 Low Overhead & Cost Effective

At WaterMonster, we understand keeping costs in check, and gallon for gallon, nothing beats a WaterMonster for water distribution. Our affordable, easy to clean food-grade systems also require minimum of maintenance, and can be refilled from any potable water source. 

Safety First - With WaterMonster  

WaterMonster keeps staff, attendees, and participants at your location properly hydrated on the field or off. Active athletes need access to plentiful water regardless of outside temperature, but warm climates especially can present legitimate safety issues. We'll help you find and deploy the right blend of refillable water stations and accessories for your particular size and need. 

 Sponsorship Ready

Your WaterMonster can be wrapped with the specific colors and logos for your organization and/or sponsors. As a natural gathering point, WaterMonster portable water stations offer a large canvas for your branding needs.

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