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Hire the WaterMonster to service your next event, coast to coast!

WaterMonster - Coast to Coast

Tired of lugging around heavy water coolers and cases of trash water bottles that end up on the ground? Feeling guilty from over-working your volunteers? Tired of stressing about running out of water?

We provide full service coast to coast for all types of events

The WaterMonster has successfully serviced over 1,000 large and small events all over the US and Canada, proving to be the Ultimate water management system for events. From large major marathons, to small town festivals, our water supply services have experienced them all. Event directors, volunteers and participants have all come to appreciate how easy event hydration can be. Once you experience the simplicity, you will laugh at the old school ways. Try the WaterMonster bulk water services for event hydration management at your next event.

The WaterMonster is perfect for outdoor events like:

  • Bike races
  • Running races
  • Triathlons
  • Marathons
  • Mud Runs
  • Camps
  • School events
  • City festivals
  • Corporate events
  • First Responders
  • Any event, outdoors with lots of people

How it Works


There are WaterMonster service providers across the US that operate independently (H2O Operations, LLC is not affiliated with them). More are added every year. We also have a team of trucks that provide service to the West, Central and East regions of the US and Canada. Costs can vary depending on your location and the size of your event. A general guideline would average $250 +/- per tank (125 gallons = to 1,000 water bottles), plus travel. However, every event and situation is different.

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Call or email for a free consultation to learn how the WaterMonster can hydrate your next event.


For Customers who have a water source and just need a WaterMonster tank for the day or weekend, a rental maybe the solution. A “rental” is NOT Full Service. The customer would pickup, setup and return the tank to its origination. Contact us to see if a rental option is available in your area.