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Sustainability with WaterMonster
Reducing plastic consumption is a responsibility we all share and there are many ways we can adopt a more sustainable way of life. WaterMonster aims to hydrate the masses, and we care deeply about keeping things sustainable for our planet.
Water vs Soda | WaterMonster Event Solutions
We at WaterMonster promise nothing but the best for our customers. Our touchless water cooler is sure to make any event a hit and keep everyone healthy and hydrated.
Fall Is Here | WaterMonster
Without the heat of summer days to constantly remind us to grab a drink, the need to stay hydrated quite often gets put on the back burner. Get back on track by utilizing our event water station for your outdoor events this fall.
Portable Water Station | WaterMonster
At WaterMonster hydration is our game and we are proud to serve a variety of outdoor events. Let us focus on your hydration needs so you can focus on making the best event possible.
WaterMonster Goes Camping | Campground Water Stations
Staying hydrated is important, and we at WaterMonster are more than happy to help with this. For all your outdoor water needs we are there to provide water stations that meet every hydration requirement you may have!
College Sports Event Water Stations | WaterMonster
The next time you’re about to hit the field, court, or gym, WaterMonster is there to keep athletes and attendees alike hydrated to ensure they perform their best with our event water stations. They’re convenient, portable, and will help you give your absolute best.
Nation-Wide Events | WaterMonster
When it comes to non-profits and large events WaterMonster is pretty much everywhere! We are excited to join Pelotonia this year again, as well as one of our newest customers Obliteride  with the Fred Hutch Organization.
Festival Season | Water Bottle Fill Up Stations
Festivals are an experience of a lifetime, so keep these hydration tips in mind at your next summer event so you can truly make the most of it. WaterMonster is here to help you stay hydrated with our Ultra Spout water bottle fill up stations this festival season! 
Hydration Station | Portable Water Dispenser
We at Event Hydration Solutions, Inc know that there are several options when it comes to offering a mass portable hydration station. Single use plastic water bottles are common and convenient, but environmental concerns and operating in a more sustainable manner is putting downward pressure on plastic water bottles.
Foot Operated Water Dispenser | H20 Solutions for Events
WaterMonsters strives to provide unrivaled water distribution for when you need it most, a foot operated water dispenser can provide touchless access to clean, great-tasting water for events, and any other needs!
Touchless Water Coolers | Event Hydration Solutions
WaterMonster showcases Touchless Water Coolers via their event hydration solution. Call or Visit Us Today for your H20 Needs!
The WaterMonster MiniManifold is a hit!
“The old water jug dispensers are laughable once you experience the touch-free UltraSpout”. 
Get Ready for your Next Event with WaterMonster
"WaterMonster is one of those 'why didn't I think of that' products that is a complete game changer for any outdoor event...."
Introducing the Mini Manifold!
Event Hydration Solutions is reinventing how the common water cooler is utilized.