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WaterMonster is now the exclusive distributor of the UltraSpout.

The UltraSpout connects directly to all common 3-10 gallon water coolers with a 7/8" or larger opening.  Please verify your cooler has this size outlet.  It has been brought to our attention that some Gatorade coolers are 1/2".  WE NOW OFFER A SOLUTION FOR GATORADE COOLERS!!!  We offer a correct size drill bit to enlarge your outlet to 7/8".  We also offer a correct size standard spigot to replace your original spigot if you need one.  (see install video) 

In these difficult times, sanitation has become more important than ever.  WaterMonster has a solution for those concerned about push button water dispensers.  The UltraSpout dispensers will easily retro-fit to replace standard push button spigots.  The UltraSpout dispenses at a rate of 8 ounces per second!  That's fast enough to keep participants moving quickly.  If you are concerned about participants water containers touching the UltraSpout dispensing arm, we offer a 100% touch-free solution.  See our "Foot Pedal" option kit.