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Camps & Retreat Centers

When enjoying the outdoors, proper hydration keeps the good times coming. 
WaterMonster is the answer for water provision at your camp or retreat center. 

For camps and retreat centers, the patented WaterMonster makes getting safe, clean and plentiful hydration to your attendees a breeze. Gone are the days of hauling heavy water bottles and dealing with the trashy after effects. WaterMonster encourages your guests to reuse their bottles, all while saving you the expensive and time-consuming logistics of water provision.

With a complete line of accessories, we can build a system that fits your specific needs throughout the year. Whether you are challenging the great outdoors or just helping guests take in some R&R, the WaterMonster is the smart solution for mass hydration. 

 Less Trash. More Water. 

Traditional water bottles generate mountains of waste, take up valuable storage space, and can be physically taxing on your staff. WaterMonster is the sustainable solution for hydration, replacing over 1000 water bottles every time it’s filled.

A Flexible System 

We’ve thoughtfully built WaterMonster for maximum flexibility and utility to camps and retreat centers when it comes to delivering clean water quickly. Our patented WaterMonster systems can be configured for all types of events. Whether you need to haul and dispense water at a remote location, or place it in the center of the action, the entire system is engineered to adapt to your needs. As a natural gathering point, our tanks are also the perfect place to disseminate information.

 Low Overhead & Cost Effective

At WaterMonster, we understand keeping costs in check, and gallon for gallon, nothing beats a WaterMonster for water distribution. Our affordable, food-grade systems also require minimum of maintenance, and can be refilled from any potable water source. 

Safety First - With WaterMonster  

WaterMonster keeps staff, attendees, campers, and everyone at your location properly hydrated. Active participants need access to plentiful water regardless of outside temperature, but warm climates especially can present legitimate safety issues to camp and retreat directors. We'll help you find and deploy the right solution for your particular venue size and need. 

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