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The patented WaterMonster drinking water distribution system is the most innovative, environmentally-friendly way to hydrate a captive audience. We have been successfully selling and providing WaterMonster services since 2009 all across the US. Our system can be used year-round at outdoor sporting events, festivals, schools, or for emergency response and disaster relief. The WaterMonster’s sustainable system reduces trash for race directors, event planners, logistical vendors and first responders. Plus it can be used as an advertising platform at events to generate additional revenue. With all our add-on accessories, the WaterMonster really comes to life.

We invite you to explore this great new business opportunity of offering a sustainable hydration solution at events. As an exclusive distributor, you’ll receive an exclusive territory along with wholesale pricing. You can profit from either offering WaterMonster service to your customers, or from simply selling the equipment retail. Below is a list of Question and Answers to help in your decision making. We welcome any additional questions you may have.


WaterMonster is Covid-19 ready and offers hands-free hydration with the UltraSpout water dispenser, foot activation, and more. Our touch-free systems are perfect for limited contact situations. We even created a manifold system for 6' of social distancing between dispensers. See our Manifold System

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WaterMonster Distributor Q&A (General Overview)

What type of person are you looking for to become a WM Distributor?

We are looking for candidates who are already in, or support outdoor events in some capacity.

Example: Event directors, Chip timers, Fencing, Port‐a‐Potties, etc.

People who are already connected in this market will be able to leverage off their existing customers to quickly launch their new WaterMonster business.

Why should I choose WaterMonster over other business opportunities?

The Watermonster is a totally new and innovative concept.

For people who already have a business that support outdoor events, the WaterMonster is a perfect way to extend a new product offering to your existing customers.

With exclusive rights, you will be at a competitive advantage to dominate market share.

You can negotiate more powerfully by packaging both your existing business offering with your new WaterMonster offering.

Use the WaterMonster service as an added perk to help squeeze out competition.

How long does it take to get this business profitable?

This answer is based on the strength of your relationship of existing race directors.

If you have strong relations with race directors, you can expect to be cash flow positive the first year.

What does it cost to start up?

To have exclusive rights in your country, you must purchase a minimum of 50 WaterMonster kits at a price of $1200 per kit ($60,000 US). It will be shipped on a 20Ft shipping container. Our best pricing is on 100 units. They are $1,000 per kit ($100,000 US) which are shipped in a 40ft container. To maintain these exclusive rights, you must make a $5,000 minimum purchase of any of our products every 2 years.

What about shipping?

Customer is responsible for all shipping and broker cost, plus any local taxes. We have an international shipper we work with to handle the pickup/delivery. However, if you have a shipping company, we can use them. We will coordinate with your broker on the necessary customs paperwork.

What territories are you offering?

We are offering exclusive territorial rights for each country. This will be at a first come, first serve basis. Once you sign up and make the minimum purchase, you will be the only one allowed to purchase WaterMonster equipment for as long as you adhere to the agreement.

What should I charge customers?

Because the exchange rate varies in all countries, this is difficult to answer. In the US, WaterMonster kits (tank, stand and lid) retail for $1,495. For customers who want full service, we typically charge $300 per WaterMonster plus necessary travel charges. That can vary significantly.

WaterMonster Distributor Requirements

What do I need to get started?

If you are going to offer WaterMonster service, you will need a pickup truck (3⁄4 ton or 1 ton), a water source tank, water pump, correct hose fittings (we offer) and a transport rack (we offer). If you are just going to sell WaterMonster equipment, you will need either a full-fillment center to handle all your storage and shipping logistics, or you can manage this yourself.

Where do I get water?

Often, the event location will have a water source on location. You can simply run a food grade hose directly to the WaterMonster tank, or you can fill your truck tank and drive to where you want to setup the WaterMonster tank. If the event doesn’t have a water source, Contact your local water utility company.

They can issue you a fire hydrant water meter.

You will pay a one time deposit (varies city to city) then you will report your meter reading monthly.

The water from the fire hydrant is the same tap water in your house.

Are there sales quotas?

Yes, you must purchase minimum of 50 WaterMonster tanks every 2 years to maintain exclusive Distribution rights with in your territory. If you fail to meet this requirement, you will lose your exclusive rights. However, you can still purchase WaterMonster equipment at a slightly higher price.

When does the quota begin?

After you pay and receive your first order, the new sales quota clock begins. At the end of 2 years, you must meet the minimum defined quota.

Why not charge a royalty fee instead of creating sales quotas?

Royalty fees, by definition fall under the category of a “Franchise”. This is not a franchise.

Sales quotas allow the legal flexibility of operating under distributorship rules.

Can I sell my distributorship?

Yes, you can buildup you territory and sell it.

However, the new distributor must adhere to and sign a new distributor agreement with the parent company to have exclusive rights and protection.

Sales Revenue

How do I profit from a WaterMonster Distributorship?

You will profit from either selling WaterMonster equipment Retail, or charging customers for your hydration services.

How can I capitalize on sponsorship?

The WaterMonster acts as an advertising bill board. You can sell banner space on the tanks.

Simply velcro the banners just above the spigots for everyone to see. We offer custom banner wraps with unlimited artwork design. Our banner wraps are perfectly cut to fit the contour of the tapered shape on the tank. We will give you the master banner template so you can have a local print shop make the banners.


What territories are you offering?

All countries on the planet are available except the United States.

How big is a territory?

The entire country of your choice.

Can I move out of my territory and into another territory?

If another territory is unclaimed, you can expand and purchase distributorship rights in that territory. That would require another minimum purchase of 50 WaterMonster tanks.

If the territory is already claimed, you cannot do any WaterMonster related business in that territory, unless the existing WaterMonster distributor agrees.

Performing unauthorized business is subject to termination of your exclusive distributorship agreement(s). Thus allowing us to reclaim your previous territory and reselling a new distributor agreement to a new party.

If I chose to purchase the rights of a new territory, do I have to purchase more equipment?


What happens if another WM distributor violates my rights with respect to my territory?

Call the supplier and report the incident. If the encroaching distributor is found to have violated his agreement, supplier may terminate their Distribution and Marketing Agreement, making that territory available for a new distributor.

Can I sell WaterMonster products outside my territory?


What if a customer calls me from another occupied territory, do I get the sale?

No, you must forward that lead to the supplier. The supplier will forward the contact info to the customer’s local distributor.

You would not want someone selling equipment in your territory

What if a customer calls me from an unoccupied territory, do I get the sale?


Exclusive/Non-Exclusive Rights

What rights do I get with a distribution territory?

You get exclusive rights to sell WaterMonster equipment and offer WaterMonster service within your defined territory.

Why is this structured as a Distributorship and not a Franchise?

Franchising is very costly to both the franchisor and the franchisee. The rules and regulations vary. Franchising can be very restrictive on how you run your business.

We are trying to make your operations simple and cost effective to startup and to allow you to operate as you see fit. At this time Event Hydration Solutions has elected to not franchise.


Do you have a legal agreement?

Yes, if you inquire about becoming an exclusive WaterMonster distributor, we will email you a copy. We are working on adding additional languages.


Will supplier provide marketing material and instructions?

Marketing and instructional information will be available on our website. You are free to use all our available website information. We are currently working on a multi-language web platform. Supplier will also offer necessary training. Fortunately, we have many instructional videos to help with the training.

Can I co‐brand my company’s name on the WaterMonster trailer?

Yes, However, you should use WaterMonster as the primary focal logo. Place your company contact info underneath. All of our marketing efforts world-wide are in support of the brand name “WaterMonster”. We do get inquiries from all over the world. Any inquires we receive from your territory, we will gladly forward those contacts to you. The more successful you are, the more successful we are

How do I handle warrant issues?

All WaterMonster products come with a 1‐year manufactures warranty. 99% of all faulty related issues can be simply solved with some basic troubleshooting skills. We will provide you with that information. If it is found that the product is defective, supplier will replace the product at supplier discretion. This is extremely rare.

How long does it take to receive products from supplier?

Upon full payment, typical delivery time is 6-8 weeks.

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