Frequently Asked Questions

Watch this instructional video to see several different ways to fill

125 Gallons, equal to 1,000 16oz plastic water bottles or 25 five-gallon coolers. For running races, it will serve 3,000 five oz servings.

To get room temp water ice cold, add 200lbs of cubed ice. 200lbs of ice melted is 25 gallons of water, equal to 1/5th of the tank capacity. This water will be cold all day. However you can always add more ice if you desire. For some events, 125 gallon might be overkill. Simply fill the tank ½ full and use ½ the ice. If you use 8-10lb block ice, it is critical that you fill the tank ½ full before dropping the ice blocks in the tank. Doing so with an empty tank may crack the bottom of the tank. This will void your warranty.  We also sell insulated wraps to help further keep the water cold. 

Watch this short instructional video for details

A WaterMonster order typically takes 7-14 days to receive it. There are several factors to consider. Your WaterMonster kit will ship via freight. It will be 4ft x 4ft. The height will be dependent on how many tanks you purchase. One tank will be 4ft tall, up to 5 tanks on a single pallet will be 8ft tall. It is ALWAYS best to use a business shipping address with a loading dock or forklifts. Otherwise, we will schedule a truck with a liftgate. Residential shipments must schedule appointments with the carrier. It is also more expensive.
We palletize your order, then coordinate an LTL carrier to pick it up. From order date to pick-up date is typically 3-4 days. Our warehouse is located just north of Dallas TX. Depending on where you are located, it will be an additional 3-7 days for actual delivery. So 7-14 days is a good rule of thumb. Obviously, there are real world situations with the trucking companies that are out of our control, but we can track and contact them if there are delays. If you purchased some accessories, it is likely they will ship inside your WaterMonster tank. BANNER WRAPS ship separately. We also have a fulfillment center in Denver CO. If you order accessories without a WaterMonster tank, your order will ship from Denver. Shipping time is faster. Depending where you are located, expect 3-7 day delivery.
We typically don’t offer express overnight delivery, however, contact your sales rep to inquire.

This practice is STRONGLY discouraged. Once full, the WaterMonster weighs over 1,000lbs. Plus all the weight is on the top half, making it a tip hazard if you try and move it. At this time, we don’t offer a solution to safely move a completely full WaterMonster tank. Place the tank and stand in a location where you want to use it, then fill it. You should always place it on a flat level surface. Grass, sand, dirt, gravel and turf are all safe surfaces.

Your WaterMonster kit was designed for one person to setup and tear down. The tank weighs 35lbs, the stand 45lbs and the lid is 12lbs. Watch this setup instructional video for helpful tips on handling and setting up.

This is very uncommon, but from time to time, it can happen. The most common area for leaks are at the spigot, either ball valve or the black bulkhead fittings. Unfortunately, you won’t know this unless you fill your WaterMonster tank. In some cases, you can fix the leak while it’s full.

Leak at the white spigot:
If you have water dripping from the spigot outlet, we will ship you a free replacement. You can tear off a piece of a paper towel and then twist it up and jam inside the spigot outlet. You can also place a foam ear plug inside the spigot to stop the leak. If the water is leaking from around the spigot, you will need to drain the tank and tighten the nut inside the tank. This might be a 2 person job, one person to hold the spigot alignment from the outside, one person to tighten the nut with some pliers on the inside.

Leak at the 1” ball valve:
The first step is to simply twist the entire ball valve to the right in an attempt to tighten it. If this does not work, it could be leaking at the black bulkhead. This will require draining the tank. You will need some large channel lock pliers to grab the black nut. Please note, the threads are REVERSED. See the directional arrow on the black bulkhead nut to tighten.

Leak at the hose bib:
Same as the ball valve, first try and tighten the hose bib by twisting it to the right. If the leak continues, it may be leaking from the black bulkhead. Use large channel lock pliers and tighten following the directional arrow. It is a reverse thread.

If none of these technics work, call Kevin directly at 512-563-1737

Yes, but it is not recommended. It really depends on the surface. Tile or concrete is best. Carpet will likely get wet. Remember, the WaterMonster tank full is over 1,000 lbs. It is likely there will be some spillage as participants do refills. You can place an 8ft x 8ft or larger piece of Astro turf down and then center the stand. You need to consider draining the tank at the end of the event. You can use a 5-gallon bucket to incrementally pour smaller amounts of left over water, to then pour outside, or in a sink drain. You can also connect a hose to the hose bib and run it outside to drain. Any hose longer than 50ft will drain out slowly.

Yes, please watch this instructional video

The WaterMonster stand is the widest point of the whole setup. You will need a ground space of 4ft x 4ft. A similar footprint as a standard wooden pallet. Because your WaterMonster kit will stack, you can stack as many as 5 complete kits in a 4x4 footprint. This will stack 8ft tall. If you have room for two 4x4 areas, it is much easier to stack tanks in one area, then stands in another area. You can then stack the lids on either the top of the tanks or stands.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and PayPal. We can also work off an approved Purchase Order. If you don’t have a PO, but want to mail in a check, we will ship after receiving the check. We are currently working on accepting ACH payments.

We have sold over 4,000 WaterMonster tanks world-wide. There are still 100’s of full-service WaterMonster rental tanks that have been in use since 2010. The most common replacement item are $5 igloo style spigots over time. The track record of long-term use is solid. See our Warranty policy

Yes, please contact Kevin directly for assistance.

Yes, but it is often challenging. There are several companies that own WaterMonster tanks and do rent them out. However, it’s a big country and we don’t yet have full coverage. Please email Kevin directly to see if there is a service provider near you.

Yes, you own it, you can do whatever you want. However, please note WaterMonster and Event Hydration Solutions will not be responsible/liable for your business dealings. We often send free leads to customers who own WaterMonster tanks in situations in which we cannot help the customer. There is no contractual obligiation, it is simply an effort to help anyone who needs a WaterMonster tank at their next event.

We suggest buying some Astro turf at your local Home Depot/Lowes and placing the stand in the center of the turf. It is often sold in 8x8, or 12x12 sizes. The bigger the better. You can also connect a hose to the hose bib and stretch it to a more desired area to distribute the excess water.

We have a complete list of accessories to greatly increase the utility of your WaterMonster tank.  See the complete listing here