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Festivals continue to be a growing trend. With the heat and alcohol consumption, designing a smart hydration plan is very important. Our accessories offer hands-free and socially distanced access to gallon after gallon of water.

There has also been an ongoing challenge of selling single use water bottle for profit vs. offering free water to the public. On really hot days, you don’t want to be caught on the wrong end of choosing profits over public safety. In the spirit of keeping everyone safe and hydrated, having the WaterMonster on site is a great way to demonstrate risk management and “good will” to your participants. There is a balance of juggling profits with free hydration. With our customer banner wraps, you can use the WaterMonster as an advertising bill board. Turn your WaterMonster into a revenue generator and have sponsors pay you money for ad space. It’s a WIN WIN!!

So encourage your participants to refill and stay hydrated. The WaterMonster also checks all the boxes for being green and sustainable. Help reduce plastic bottle waste and improve your events image. 

New for 2020, WaterMonster is Covid-ready and offers hands-free hydration with the UltraSpout water dispenser, foot activation, and more. Our touch-free systems are perfect for limited contact situations. We even created a manifold system for 6' of social distancing between dispensers. Read more about our innovative solutions for Covid on our accessories page. 

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Designed with Gathering in Mind: 

  • BPA free, Food grade, Polypropylene plastic
  • UV Resistant
  • Equipped with 6 self-serving spigots, 1 hose bib, 1 drain valve
  • Holds 125 gallons
  • Equal to 1,000 plastic water bottles
  • Equal to 3,000 cup servings
  • Equal to 25 Five gallon water coolers
  • Small footprint, when setup stands 6 ft tall and takes up a 4ft diameter area
  • Lightweight (Tank 35lbs, Stand 42Lb, Lid 12lbs)
  • When full of water, it weighs just over 1,000lbs

Accessories Adaptable for Your Needs: 

  • Water Flags give great visibility in large crowds
  • Float Valve ensure you WaterMonste never runs dry
  • Cup Dispensers hydrate those who forgot their refillable container
  • Custom Banner wraps off sponsorship opportunity to turn your WaterMonster tank into a revenue generator.
  • Filter kits help ensure clean water and public peace of mind.
  • Touch Free and Social Distancing options available 
  • See all our accessories on our product page.

 Easy to setup, fill, maintain, and store

  • The WaterMonster was designed for 1 person to setup.
  • Filling is EZ with a common water faucet. (see video)
  • Maintainence is a snap, clean with a spray bottle with water and a capful of bleach. (see video)
  • Storage requires a 4’x4’ footprint, or about the space of a common pallet. Our patented design allows you to stack up to 5 WaterMonster kits on a single pallet (see video)

 The Sustainable Solution

  • The WaterMonster is a perfect solution for your sustainability goals.
  • Help Keep plastic out of our landfills.
  • Encourage participants to bring their own sustainable refillable water bottle.
  • Show participants that your event is part of the solution.

Added Safety and Risk Management

As temperatures rise, you don’t want your event to go dry. It’s not worth jeopardizing the public safety over water bottle profits. Heat exhaustion and heat strokes can really destroy what should have been a great event. Your participants will thank you. Our newest line of accessories also allows you hands-free activation and social distancing options. 

The Perfect Advertising or Sponsor Billboard

With a large captured audience, Your message becomes EMPOWERED when placed on a WaterMonster tank. Your spectator is left with refreshing cold water, a feeling of being environmental conscious and a positive impression of that sponsor. Take advantage of our platform and treat the WaterMonster like an advertising billboard. Turn your WaterMonster into a revenue generator

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