WaterMonster Tank


Our flagship WaterMonster tanks reduce labor and trash, and set up in just a few minutes with 1-2 people. The multiple outlets and many add-on accessories give the WaterMonster a competitive advantage to solve all your hydration concerns. Please take a look at all our variety of products and instructional videos to learn how easy hydration can be with WaterMonster.

WaterMonster Hydration Station


At WaterMonster, we are committed to helping our customers fight COVID-19, and add another measure of safety to gatherings of all sizes. Beyond our flagship WaterMonster tanks that reduce labor and trash, our UltraSpout Duo dispensing system minimizes contact points for low-touch hydration. We’re here to help you get open and back on track, with thoughtful solutions for hydration.

WaterMonster Event Hydration


Since 2009, The patented WaterMonster has helped 1000’s of organizations across the US and other countries become more sustainable in their hydration efforts.  Big or small, we have helped every type of event, team, and program imaginable.  The WaterMonster makes it easier to prevent both bottle and single-use waste. It is easy for your staff, volunteers and spectators to use. 

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WaterMonster Tank & Stand
The Patented WaterMonster is the first portable self-serving bulk water dispenser that is lightweight and stackable.
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WaterMonster - Coast to Coast Service

For some events, our Full Service option is a better choice for customers.

The WaterMonster has successfully serviced over 1,000 large and small events all over the US and Canada, proving to be the Ultimate water management system for events. From large major marathons, to small town festivals, our water supply services have experienced them all. We provide water stations for events of all kinds. We provide full service west coast to east coast for all types of events. Hire WaterMonster for your next event!

What they say

Watermonster has become a great option in the sports medicine world for Athletic Trainers. Some rival schools have had this product, and our only hesitation was the fitting on Gatorade coolers, vs powerade and Rubbermaid. Needless to say, they fit our Gatorade coolers great, even without the drill bit to open the hole. Handsfree is great due to covid, speed of flow will be even better in the future.

Timothy R. Bennett, MBA ATC/L

Second order of these for us! They are working great so far and in my opinion they are teenager proof which is a huge plus at the High School level!

MB DeFrancesco, MA, ATC

Our Volunteers told us they would not participate if the WaterMonster was not being used next year.  Total game changer filling cups for our 1/2 marathon. All the best

Dan C.

The WaterMonster really saved the day for our campers.  Our staffers had a hard time keeping those 5 gallon coolers full.  WaterMonster to the Rescue! Thanks,

Bill C.

Our plastic bottle waste was virtually eliminated once we introduced the WaterMonster to all the school kids.  Everyone knows to bring their refillable bottle now that we own a WaterMonster. Thanks for making a difference!

Janet R.