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The WaterMonster Story

H2O Operations, LLC was started in March of 2009, when experienced race director Jon Hill, frustrated with the logistical nightmare of setting up water aid stations for another large event, called his friend Kevin Huff for a better solution. Jon was sure there had to be a better way to hydrate large crowds. Kevin took notes of Jon’s concerns and designed a water distribution system that offered greater efficiency, minimized labor and reduced trash. The WaterMonster was born. And the WaterMonster was an instant hit! Race directors immediately saw its value and efficiency. Volunteers appreciated the reduction in labor. Race participants and spectators liked the “Green Image” of reducing plastic water bottle waste. Today, the WaterMonster tank and add-on product accessories have evolved.  WaterMonster products are shipped world-wide to customers looking for a better hydration solution. Founded in Austin Texas, H2O Operations also offers full turn-key service in many places across the US and CanadaManagement

Kevin Huff, Founder/President

Kevin has an entrepreneurial spirit by nature and a passion for Process Engineering. His strength is taking complex situations and redesigning simple systematic procedures. Working his way up from technician to management, then into process engineering with Applied Materials, he understands how to design products that are easy to manufacture and simple to operate. As a consultant, Kevin has implemented “lean manufacturing” practices and streamlined the manufacturing process for several firms. His other business interests are real estate and classic muscle cars. Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University.

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Kevin Huff