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About Us

WaterMonster is America’s premier provider of hydration solutions for events and other venues where people gather. Our flagship product, the WaterMonster dispenser tank, delivers hundreds of thousands of servings every month to athletes, event attendees, and those receiving relief services. In terms of delivering ecologically friendly, low cost, and easily deployed water provision, nothing in todays market tops WaterMonster's portable water stations. We provide comprehensive event services and also sell our event water stations directly to end-users for use with camps, retreat centers, athletic clubs, relief organizations, and more. The Water Monster is more than a water station- it's a complete system for race and event hydration, with dozens of useful accessories to fit your needs. If you need a water station for your event, WaterMonster should be on your list! 


The WaterMonster Story

H2O Operations, LLC was started in March of 2009, when experienced race director Jon Hill, frustrated with the logistical nightmare of setting up refillable water stations for another large event, called his friend Kevin Huff for a better solution. Jon was sure there had to be a better way to hydrate large crowds. Kevin took notes of Jon’s concerns and designed a water distribution system that offered greater efficiency, minimized labor, and reduced trash. The WaterMonster was born, and was an instant hit! Race directors immediately saw its value and efficiency. Volunteers appreciated the reduction in labor. Race participants and spectators liked the reduction plastic water bottle waste. Today, the WaterMonster tank and add-on product accessories have evolved into a great outdoor water tank solution. WaterMonster products are shipped worldwide to customers looking for a better hydration solution. Founded in Austin Texas, H2O Operations also offers full turn-key service in many places across the US and Canada, and we're always expanding the uses of our refillable water stations.  




Kevin Huff, Founder/President

As the inventor of the WaterMonster and founder of H2O Operations, LLC, Kevin has made water his focus for nearly a decade. With a successful background in manufacturing and process engineering, he’s designed the WaterMonster system for incredible ease of use and integration. In his ten years working with event directors and others, Kevin has refined WaterMonster’s company and water dispenser tank to meet every need and solve major problems in water provisioning. 


Kevin Huff