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Price includes x2 6ft manifolds and connecting pieces.  UltraSpouts  sold separately.  
Designed to work off gravity fed water pressure, NOT pressurized faucet water.  Connects directly to the WaterMonster tank.
We have been working hard here at WaterMonster to come up with a hydration solution that meets the new social distancing standards.  Our manifold offers the flexibility to reposition dispensers closer as conditions improve.  Our UltraSpout high flow, hands-free dispensers can be used for any large event with lots of thirsty participants.  Connect more manifolds to match your desired hydration needs.

If you’re looking for the ultimate hydration solution to make your running event more green and sustainable, we have the answer: Cup-Free Running and Racing!  Just imagine...no more paper cups (or at least a huge reduction).  Imagine reducing the number of volunteers needed at water stations by 90%.  Now imagine reducing the number of tables needed by 90%.  And finally, NO MORE PAPER CUP TRASH!!!  This is ENTIRELY possible and has been done successfully with our products at 100's of running races across the US over the last decade.  There will be a continued demand to make running races more stainable.  Here at WaterMonster and HydraPouch (maker of the UltraSpout), we want to be part of the solution.  If you have a 40,000 person marathon or a 500 person 5k, we have a plan and formula to help your race become more green and sustainable.  With over 10 years of experience servicing 1000's of running races across the USA, we can help you meet your hydration goals.

Our manifolds are designed to meet 6 foot social distancing standards.  They also VERY easy to setup, teardown, store, clean and ship.  Each manifold kit can support up to 8 dispensers.  You can extend a water station by adding as many manifolds as needed to support the runner density.  For example, 1 WaterMonster with 2 manifold kits (16 valves, 8 on each side) will support 200 runners per minute.  You can +/- the number of manifolds to match your peak runner density per minute at each aid station.  For big races, we suggest having a hydration station every 1/4 to 1/2 mile.  This gives runners more opportunities to hydrate.  The same volume of water is placed on the entire course, just more hydration stations that only need 1-3 volunteers to oversee.

HOW DO THE RUNNERS GET WATER?  Runners in Cup-Free events bring their own small water container to carry and refill.  While there are 100's of water containers to chose from, the most popular container for Cup-Free Racing is the HydraPouch.  It was designed specifically to replace paper cups at running events and significantly improves runner hydration and comfort.  It is small, lightweight, made of Silcone and clips to a runner’s shorts.  Watch this short video demonstrating how fast and easy it is for a runner to use the WaterMonster manifold system.


It is time we changed the running culture and moved away from wasteful, messy, and awkward paper cups to waste-free, comfortable refillable hydration devices.  Large festivals have already changed the culture for their participants (who now bring their own refillable water bottles to help reduce plastic bottle waste).  It's time for the running world to get on board.  WaterMonster and HydraPouch will lead the way.  Have your race be part of the solution, not the problem. Go Green and be Sustainable!

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