Hydration Station | Portable Water Dispenser

Since 2009, the invention of the WaterMonster tank has changed the way spectators, participants and athletes stay hydrated at large outdoor events.  Each year, we listen to our customers feedback on how to improve and make the most versatile hydration station on the market.  Because of that real world feedback, at present, we have designed 20 different accessories so customers can gain maximum utility on their WaterMonster tank.  All the accessories along with instructional videos can be seen on the WaterMonster product page  

We encourage customers and users to offer more suggestions and feedback.  It is this feedback that will ensure a continuous improved hydration station for all types of outdoor events. For example, when COVID hit, it was the customers who strongly suggested we come up with a hands-free water dispenser.  The UltraSpout quickly came to mind to help meet the need for a more sanitary way to dispense water.  It just so happens, the UltraSpout works on both the WaterMonster tank and most all common 5 gallon and 10 gallon water coolers.

A few months later, customers asked for a foot pedal to make the UltraSpout, not just hands free, but 100% touch-free. It is this kind of customer engagement that keeps us in front of the competition.

We at Event Hydration Solutions, Inc know that there are several options when it comes to offering a mass portable hydration station5 gallon coolers are by far the most common for small outdoor gatherings.  Single use plastic water bottles are common and convenient, but environmental concerns and operating in a more sustainable manner is putting downward pressure on plastic water bottles.  For medium to large outdoor events, the options get more limited.  We feel the size and foot print of our 125 gallon WaterMonster tank is the sweet spot for those events in the few hundred to several thousand.  To learn more about the WaterMonster, visit us at www.watermonster.us