Get Ready for your Next Event with WaterMonster

Event Hydration Solutions was excited to get the call from France to supply the Marathon de Vannes with UltraSpouts for their annual marathon. The UltraSpout allowed the event production team to create a self serve, hands-free hydration solution. Event Hydration Solutions, also known as WaterMonster is reinventing how the common water cooler is utilized.  In 2020, when everything changed, they introduced the UltraSpout and FootPedal.  A rapid fill touch-free water dispenser that replaced the common three finger or two hand spigots on all 5 and 10 gallon coolers.  
“It works just like a soda fountain at your favorite fast-food restaurant.  Just push your reusable water bottle under the spout and it pours 6 ounces per second!” Says Erin Truslow; a former race director and endurance athlete coach.
 Marathon de Vannes and UltraSpout
The UltraSpout can be used on their 125 gallon WaterMonster Tanks and if you add the FootPedal to to the UltraSpout you now have a complete touch-free water dispenser.  These items combined together not only save event production companies money in the long run, but they save on having to staff dozens of volunteers per water station and on buying environmentally toxic single use water bottles and or messy paper cups.  Educating your athletes to provide or bring their own water vessel, or reusable cup is the greenest way to go. Save money, save time, save the environment. 
"WaterMonster is one of those 'why didn't I think of that' products that is a complete game changer for any outdoor event. We use WaterMonster at all major outdoor events across the country and could not imagine ever going back to transporting single serve bottles or 5 gallon water jugs. If there's one lesson we have learned is that Free water is never free.” Says Gary Metcalf Co-Founder and President of Cadence Sports, Inc.
The Marathon de Vannes did an amazing job of educating their participants prior to the event on how the new water station would look like, and created a Zero Waste event!