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Have we left anyone out?

Truth is, the potential customers for WaterMonster are virtually endless. Just think about it – any large outdoor event with a crowd of people is a perfect match for the WaterMonster. No matter what type of event you're organizing in Australia, if you're grappling with hydration issues, WaterMonster is your solution.

  • Are you tired of cleaning, storing, and lugging heavy water coolers around?
  • Had enough of hauling bulky cases of water bottles?
  • Sick of dealing with the environmental mess caused by discarded water bottles?
  • Fed up with the hassle of rounding up volunteers or staff to handle water logistics?
  • Seeking a more sustainable approach to hydration?

Rest assured, the WaterMonster is here to lend a hand. Explore all the benefits and options.

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Specs for Various Customer Types:

  • Crafted from BPA-free, food-grade, UV-resistant polypropylene plastic
  • Equipped with 6 self-serving spigots, 1 hose bib, 1 drain valve
  • Stores 125 gallons of water
  • Equivalent to 1,000 plastic water bottles
  • Equates to 3,000 cup servings
  • Comparable to 25 five-gallon water coolers
  • Small footprint, standing 6 ft tall and occupying a 4ft diameter area when set up
  • Lightweight (Tank 35 lbs, Stand 42 lbs, Lid 12 lbs)
  • When full of water, it weighs just over 1,000 lbs

A Comprehensive Selection of Adaptable Accessories:

  • Dual 25ft hose splitter, making cup filling a breeze for volunteers (ideal for running races)
  • Services up to 4 8ft tables over a distance of 50ft
  • WATER flag stands 12ft tall, visible above the crowd
  • Water pump transfer kit that transforms a truck into a water hauler
  • Transport rack for carrying a water source tank and up to 3 WaterMonster kits
  • Cup dispensers for those who forget their refillable water container and offering excellent exposure for your sponsors

      Effortless Setup, Filling, Maintenance, and Storage:

      The WaterMonster was engineered for easy, single-person setup. The filling is a breeze with a standard water faucet, and maintenance is simple - clean with a spray bottle filled with water and a capful of bleach. Storage requires a 4'x4' footprint, roughly the size of a common pallet. Our patented design allows you to stack up to 5 WaterMonster kits on a single pallet.

        Embrace Sustainability:

        The WaterMonster is your partner in achieving sustainability goals. It helps reduce plastic waste, encourages participants to bring their reusable water bottles, and demonstrates that your event is part of the solution.

          Prioritize Safety and Risk Management:

          As temperatures soar, ensure your event stays hydrated. It's not worth risking public safety for the sake of water bottle profits. Prevent heat exhaustion and heat strokes to ensure your participants' well-being.

          Advertising with WaterMonster:

          With a large and engaged audience, placing your message on a WaterMonster tank empowers your brand. Leave your audience refreshed, environmentally conscious, and with a positive impression of your sponsor. Utilize this platform and transform your WaterMonster into a revenue generator.

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