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Beer and Wine


  • Washing out sample glasses
  • Keeping participants hydrated in a high alcohol environment
  • Risk management
  • Sustainability (no plastic water bottles)


  • Large hydration station with multiple spigots
  • Plenty of water for both washing sample glasses and hydration
  • Demonstrate to officials you are offering plenty of hydration given the party environment
  • WM encourages participants to refill 

Beer and Wine festivals continue to be a growing trend.  They offer music, tastings and a great social gathering.  Like any outdoor event, responsible hydration is an important part of event planning.  Because we have participated at these events, we know people like to wash out their sample glasses as they try different beers and wines.  We also know that a long hot day of sampling can lead to dehydration.  Trying to guess how many water bottles to have on hand is too big of a gamble, a headache and trashy.  In the spirit of keeping everyone safe and hydrated, having the WaterMonster on site is a great way to demonstrate risk management in an environment of alcohol consumption.  Encourage your participants to refill and stay hydrated while being environmently responsible.  Sustainability and being green is todays trend.  The WaterMonster will help get you on that path.

The WaterMonster offer these features to make hydration easy