WaterMonster Tank And Stand System Becoming Inreasingly Popular At Sporting Events

As temperatures at sporting events continue to rise even into September, WaterMonster's Tank and Stand System in conjunction with other accessories such as the UltraSpout are increasingly popular additions to sporting events, especially high school and college football stadiums.

Most recently WaterMonster tanks could be found at the TCU-Cal football game at Amon G. Carter Stadium where temperatures at kickoff were in the mid to upper 90's. The WaterMonster Tank and Stand System can hold 125 gallons of cold, filtered water which is approximately 1,000 bottles of water. 

WaterMonster tanks were placed in convenient locations throughout the stadium to allow fans to refill bottles that they were allowed to bring into the game. The WaterMonster Tank and Stand System stands 6 feet tall and has six spigots that fans can use to fill their own bottles or paper cups.

"Our new and enhanced hydration stations have been really well received," TCU athletic director Jeremiah Donati said. "We hope that fans will continue to take advantage of them Saturday."

WaterMonster's innovative water dispensing tanks and spigots are continuing to be an increasingly popular way to keep athletes and fans hydrated before, during, and after sporting events.  WaterMonster Tank and Stand Systems will be featured at all TCU home games this season.