WaterMonster Manifold System - Cup Free Racing

The WaterMonster Manifold System offers touch-free water dispensing. To activate press the high flow dispenser with your water container or the back of your hand. Water flows out at six ounces per second. Each six-foot manifold offers four outlets spaced at three feet apart. Use all the outlets for maximum hydration or cap off outlets to create six-foot social distancing.

You can easily add additional manifolds to hydrate dense crowds or add a second water monster tank to increase your hydration capacity. For running races, the water wants to manifold offers runners a cup free experience. This greatly reduces paper cup waste volunteers and tables which translates into a big savings. The manifold can be positioned for runners to hydrate on both sides to increase capacity. runners will carry their own water container making your race more sustainable.

While there are many different containers to choose from, we recommend the hydro pouch for its lightweight flexibility and design.

Set up and tear down is fast with our camlock fittings. The sawhorse design keeps the manifold stable and strong. Simple components make storing very compact and cleanup is easy with our sanitizer spray bottle.

Add two ounces of bleach and fill the canister with water. Connect to a garden hose and spray out before each use. Whether your event is a big marathon, bike, race or festival, the water monster manifold system will help your event meet the new standards of water aid stations.