Back To School With a Hydration Station | WaterMonster

The school year is back in session and students are flocking back to their campuses. This influx of students can be hectic, and in the hustle and bustle, you might get thirsty. WaterMonster offers a hydration station that can supply water during any campus event. College students have a lot on their plates, and often something simple like staying hydrated can slip their minds. To prepare these students for the big year, supplying them with the best tools and supplies for academic success is at the top of our list here at WaterMonster. Set them up for success with WaterMonster’s  UltraSpout hydration station. Perfect for hydrating students, parents, and faculty during Freshmen Orientation, Commencement Speeches, Football games, and other outdoor events. 


Water is an energizing no-calorie, zero-sugar beverage that can help students focus on campus and improve their overall health. Water is good for healthy joints, teeth, and circulation. But it’s also great for their mood, memory, and attention, which are all essential for academic success. If you’re unsure whether you are drinking enough water, here are some signs they may be dehydrated: 


  • Dry lips 
  • A lack of focus 
  • Low energy 
  • Irritability 


 For students to put their best academic foot forward, proper hydration is necessary. College life can be stressful. You may be away from home for the first time and may have trouble balancing a heavy school workload, an irregular eating schedule, and a new social life. When no one is around to remind them to stay hydrated, this healthy habit can fall to the wayside. WaterMonster offers a hydration station perfect for the college experience. 


 Why is drinking water important in college? When you are studying at night or performing a lot of assignments during the day, you can feel fatigued quite quickly. It happens because around 90% of our brain is water, and when we don`t replenish the balance, our mind and body cannot function normally. According to statistics


  • Drinking water improves our cognitive performance thus helping us stay focused; 
  • Drinking water during exams can help you to reach higher grades; 
  • You are in a happier mood (while dehydration makes you feel sluggish); 
  • You can keep or lose weight by drinking water and replacing calories in your diet, you will become less hungry just with one glass; 
  • Your energy is increased, so you feel less fatigued and can attend the gym or do other activities; 
  • Your skin looks better and healthier as it is also made up of water. Keeping the water balance, you replace old cells and receive a well-textured skin; 
  • Drinking water can remove cancer-causing components in the urine, thus lowering the risk of bladder cancer. It also prevents or relieves headaches just with one glass taken regularly; 
  • You can save some money by getting free water at restaurants and cafes; 
  • Many components of our bodies such as temperature and digestion rely on water to function properly and by drinking water, you can avoid having to visit your doctor too often 


WaterMonster is dedicated to supplying a hydration station to meet all the needs students and faculty might have throughout the school year. For more information feel free to contact us today!