Touch Free Water Dispenser | Hydration Solutions

These days we all enjoy our hi-tech and automated lifestyles. Everything from light switches to coffee makers, and in a post-pandemic world, we are eager for the luxury of touch-free innovations. People are far more aware of contact with commonly touched surfaces like light switches and door handles, but not may think of their water sources. We at Water Monster think this awareness will remain for some time and we are here to supply people with only the best for all their water needs. A touch free water dispenser can give users an alternative way to interact that does not just rely on touch. These dispensers have been around for several years now. The original idea was simply to bring a new level of convenience to people across several settings, whether it be business or recreational use. Hands-free had a certain mark of prestige about it, simply because it was the latest thing.

In today's reality, it has become a near necessity. The pandemic changed the way that we do a lot of things. Working, socializing, and everyday living has all changed in ways we could not have expected. Squeezing onto packed public transport makes everyone stop and think. Heading to the bar, sharing a table in a café, and even getting into a ride-share that already has someone in it have become uncomfortable experiences. And accessing shared facilities at work or in public spaces is right at the top of that list. At Water Monster safety and sustainability are our top priorities. 

A touch free water dispenser, while a slight change, can drastically improve the conditions of any workplace, school function, or outdoor event. The benefits of hydration are widely known. Proper hydration is vital to the function of so many of the body's systems. For many years, proper hydration has been becoming increasingly of a focus for so many facilities, including schools, gyms, health care, municipalities, parks, and so on. By adding in a touch free water dispenser, you take away the caution that often comes with utilizing a shared concession. Less touch means fewer germs spread amongst individuals, something we can all agree is a major benefit. 

The touch free design gives people peace of mind knowing they can safely get a drink without risking exposure to sickness. This can translate to fewer workers calling out sick, fewer colds and coughs being transferred on the playgrounds, and more ability to enjoy going camping with the family or to a music festival with friends. To some, it may have felt like the world came to a standstill in recent years, and we are just coming out of that phase, looking to the future with hesitant optimism. We provide hydration solutions, such as a touch free water dispenser, across the county in hopes of getting back into the swing of things and recreating a sense of normalcy within our communities. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to find the best water solution for your needs. We will continue to provide solutions that give users peace of mind and the confidence to use our products. The most exciting developments are still to come. For more information on how to stay safe while re-engaging in social activity visit the CDC’s site for the latest updates.