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What is it?

  • It’s a patented (US 8,893,988 B2) stackable outdoor water tank with multiple outlets
  • Holds 125 gallons, equal to 1,000 plastic trash bottles! 
  • Lightweight, Food-grade safe
  • Every WaterMonster Refillable Water Dispenser is a Powerful Advertising Billboard
  • The perfect drinking water distribution system for hydrating large crowds, with hands-free and socially distanced options available

Why WaterMonster?

  • It is the ultimate water delivery system
  • Reduce labor, stress, and trash
  • Touch-free and socially-distanced accessory options available
  • GREEN Hydration Solution, encourage refilling bottles and let the WaterMonster be part of your sustainability water solution.
  • Touch-free and Social-Distanced hydration accessories available
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Scalable, compact, portable water station
  • We offer a complete line of useful accessories
  • Own it, rent it, or request full service nationwide.
  • Outsource all your hydration provision concerns
  • We service 500 to 40,000+